Catfish Derby - Oktoberfest

Well it is a proven fact......nothing stops us from fishing, great food and fun! 
Because of the rain we moved the food to the pavilion and yes it was great.  Betty had her brautworst done to perfection and the side dishes brought were outstanding.  This year we even had a saurkraut salad, perogies and potato pancakes!  We do have the best cooks in Illinois!!!
The rain stopped so all moved to the rearing pond for fishing!  Donna Pawelski caught the first fish and it was the smallest fish anyone ever saw.....but the reaction from the gang was great!  Anyone would have thought it was a great white!  Biggest fish and most fish were caught by Lukas our youngest fisherman!
We had lots of laughs, good food, good fishing......WOW...our events just keep getting better!

Kids Fishing Derby

How could we top last year's derby........we got a shark!....and named him Willie!   The kids got to have their picture taken in Willie's mouth and some of our adults too.  What fun!

Each of the kids received a glow in the dark frisbee and there were a few frisbee games happening in the lot!
Jane brought the Lady Sierra to visit and the kids had lots of hugs and kisses from Sierra.  Sierra played with the kids and wanted to fish with the kids.....we had to tell her no and we used the excuse that she had no thumbs!
Lots of fish were caught and the weather couldn't have been better.  It was a great day for all!!!

Family Pan Fish Derby

Each year this event gets better!  Everyone had such a great time.  However with graduations and soccer playoffs we only had 15 anglers.  We may move this event to June 15th next year.
There were 251 panfish caught and most were returned to the water.
Betty says many many thanks to the helpers: Linda, Jane, Sher, Mary M, Sue and John and Deb from Maintenance.  And many thanks to anyone we may have missed.
64 hot dogs were served and a load of sweets consumed (as usual).  Lots of fun and laughs.....Thanks All

Most Fish Caught:                    Steve Damitz    60 Fish
Most Fish Jr Division:              Lucas Schyler  32 Fish
Biggest Fish:                             Anthony Hellum   13 3/4"

Several prizes were awarded to youngest boy and girl that fished.

50/50 $130.00
Norm won $65.00 and donated $50.00 back to the club.  Thank you Norm for your generosity.

Club made $150 on this event.

2016 Carp Derby

Sun came out just in time for the Carp Derby.  Everyone had a great time.  Lots of laughs and of course the food was great.  It seemed as though we were more interested in the brats, kraut and salads.....and of course the apple strudel. 

2016 Kids Fishing Derby

This year we were joined by some of the Star Wars people!  The kids were so excited.  However, in observing the adults we are not too sure who was more excited......the kids or the adults.
It was a great time.  Each child received a light saber and managed to demonstrate their skills in mock saber fights.  Everyone was getting Star Wars tattoos.  No one caught any of the big catfish in the pond but lots of small fish were caught and counted.  Great Time - Great People 

2015 Cat/Carp Derby

What an event!  Each year this derby gets better!  The food is great and the fun just doesn't stop. Betty made her "special" brats and sauerkraut and everyone brought the side dishes.  We ate hot german potato salad, pasta salads, cakes, cookies, pumpin bread, bruschetta, sweet and sour cabbage.  We ate like kings!!!
There weren't many fish caught ----- three (3) to be exact.  Yes, that's right 3!!!
Marie caught the first two fish and although they were neither cat nor carp, everyone cheered as though they were whales.
Casey caught the third fish.....and it was a catfish.  Yeah!!!
Fred used Magic Bait this year. He was determined and had such faith.....he might still be there waiting for the Magic Bait to work!  
What great fun for everyone!

Marie Green

Marie caust the first fish and was crowned
Queen of the Derby!


Casey caught the only catfish and was crowned
King of the Derby!

2015 Kids Fishing Derby

Hot - Hot - Hot - FUN - FUN - FUN
The heat didn't stop us from having a fun morning.  The kids fished and the adults cheered!  The smiles and surprised looks on the kids faces when they catch a fish makes all the work the volunteers do worth every minute.  Our face painter had some amazing new designs for the kids and of course the long line didn't deter the kids from getting their face or arms painted.  Only a few under 6 years old but bunches of 7-8-9 year olds this year.

The Fishing Club recognized and honored Kay and Dennis for running the derby for the children for over 20 years.  Thank you Kay and Dennis!  You have done an outstanding job!



What a great time had by all!  Although there weren't many fish caught this year....there sure were the "fish" stories!
This year a new trophy category was added - "No Fish Caught".  This brought many laughs and lots of jokes!



Everyone was a winner at this event.  Fishing was good...chili was great ...the deserts were delicious ... but best of all were the laughs and the fellowship shared. 



What a great time!  Although there weren't many fish caught the event was full of laughs and good food.

The first fish was caught by Ron Medona and even though it was not eligible because it was a bullhead, everyone clapped and cheered.  By the end of the day Ron's 5" bullhead grew to 43"!!!  Just ask him.......

Betty outdid herself with her special recipe of brats and sour kraut.  Plenty of side dishes were added to the table by our residents.  German potato salad, cole slaw, cakes - a feast!

Another successful Oktoberfest!  Be sure to add this event to your calendar next year! 

2014 Ice Fishing Derby
              AND THE WINNERS ARE!
The Ice was great and the weather was good, except for the snow storm that morning. We hadabout 2 dozen folks signed up to fish and about a dozen hardy souls ventured out. The others saidthey were busy shoveling out. While fishing was good earlier in the month, it was much slower forthe derby, figures! Twelve adults and six juniors fished and the winning adults were AndyKaminsky with seven fish and Bill Willis with a 22 Inch Catfish for the biggest fish (see picture inthis issue). In the junior angling group the winners were: Joshua McArthurs with 8 fish and AlexSanFilippo with a 10.5 inch LMBass for the biggest fi. While fishing was SLOW, the chili was HOT! We had a group of 40 to 50 folks who came out forthe Chili and trimmings. It was a great turn-out and everyone really enjoyed the event. It helpedbreak up the Cabin Fever Syndrome. Many thanks to all who brought out chili and other treats.Also, a BIG THANK YOU to Mary and Andy Kaminsky who sponsored the event and did all ofthe leg-work. We saw a lot of new faces at this event, which is great news for the Fishing Club in2014. Ice fishing should be safe until we get a strong thaw, so be careful if you venture out.
              2013 BASS TOURNAMENT
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5 year old Gino Andreima landing a 22 in Catfish. That battle took several minutes and Gino was cheered on by a big crowd.
Best of Five - Michael Green - 75.75 inches
Biggest FIsh - Mark Pawelski - 17 inches
50/50 Winner Bill Coyle
KIDS FISHING DERBY - Sept, 4, 2011
1st Place - Logan Maracle - Age 3 - (15 Fish)
2nd Place - Ethan Mann - Age 6 - (11 Fish)
3rd Place - Autumn Bragiel - Age 5 - (4 Fish)
1st Place Tied
Daniel Bragiel- Age 9 & Billy LePretre - Age 9  (6 Fish each)
3rd Place - Caleb Maracle - Age 7 - (5 Fish)
1st Place - Joshua McArthur - Age 10 - (5 Fish)
2nd Place - Maria Barto - Age 11 - (1 Fish)
3rd Place - Alex Diehl - Age 10 - (0 Fish) 
numbers were drawn to determine winner because the fish stop biting
          RICK STUDEMAN                                         KEVIN DAVIS
           MOST FISH - 35                           BIGGEST FISH - 14" LARGEMOUTH
September 11,2010
CARP KING - Frank Seehoffer - 40" / 30 lbs.
CARP QUEEN -  Lisa Tullos - 29"
HONORABLE MENTION - Madison Tullos - 16"
 Sunday July 11, 2010
 6 & Under - 1st place -  Autumm Bragial 19 fish
                     2nd place - JoLynn Murray 17 fish
                 3rd place - Caleb Marcle 16 fish
                         7-8-9           1st place - Billy LePretre 29 fish                                
               2nd place - Daniel Bragiel 26 fish
               3rd place - Madison Tullos 22 fish
                                                       10-11-12       1st place - Daog Kosh 38 fish                      
                                                                               2nd place -  rinne Horath 21 fish
                                                                                3rd place - Trisha Price 18 fish
 TOTAL FISH:       Jennifer Pawelski     65.75
LARGEST FISH       Jennifer Pawelski    14.25
Most Fish 
  Andy Kaminsky - 23 Bluegill - 3 Largemouth - 1 Perch
Biggest Fish
Rick Strickland - 27" Catfish
Youngest Angler
Billy LePretre - 1 Bluegill
WALLEYE - Mike Trinka
CATFISH - Cindy Staszak - 30 1/2"
CRAPPIE - Ron Midona
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